Rutland Area Christian High School Mission Trip to CISA, Costa Rica

A fantastic group from the Rutland Area Christian High School in Vermont, USA led by Spanish teacher Suzanne Wood did volunteer work at the La Suiza Public school and studied Spanish at CISA for 1 week in April.

The group also shared dramas and songs in Spanish at the VQC Mission church service and women’s meeting.

This hard working group had a packed schedule of volunteer service in the mornings (cleaning the grounds of the La Suiza Public School; working with children) and taking Spanish lessons at CISA in the afternoons. Some of them also took a CISA Cooking Class and learned how to make Costa Rican style tortillas!

Other activities included doing a Rustic Fitness class (ropes, climbing walls, tires, trails); Caribbean beach day tour and Ziplining!

The La Suiza Public School were very impressed by their diligence and willingness to help in rain or shine!

What a blessing to have a group of young people help our community in such a variety of ways!

We hope to have them back in the near future!

Suzanne Wood’s Testimony

On behalf of our group from the Rutland Area Christian School in Vermont, we all had a wonderful and unforgettable time in your little town of Tuis, Costa Rica.
First of all, everyone loved their host families. Here are some quotes from the students:
“I was very thankful for the host family I received the great memories we made together.”(Katie)
“I learned many things from them (host family). They helped with pronunciations and taught me new words.” (Lauralee)
“My host family influenced me for the better. I don’t think God could have blessed me more. They made me feel very welcome and loved.”(Kisa)
My husband (Steve) really enjoyed being enfolded into a loving family. We learned a lot from them.

Second of all we enjoyed mission project of working at the La Suiza elementary school. We cleaned up an area that needed to be cleared to make safe for children to walk. They also allowed us to help in the English classes. We did this for 4 mornings. For many this was their favorite part:

“It was fun helping out at the school and I liked getting to know the kids.” (Kerrigan)
“I really enjoyed going to the school and working there. It felt like we were able to be a blessing.” (Sophie)

After the morning of work, we walked to CISA, had a delicious lunch prepared by cook Sadie (we love Sadie!) and then had three hours of Spanish instruction.

“CISA was another warmly inviting place, the staff was very friendly, helpful and understanding. The class times were fun.” (Casey)
“My time at CISA was such a blessing. I had the sweetest teacher,” (Katie)
“The teacher spoke only in Spanish. It helped me to try and understand Spanish when someone else is talking.”(Kerrigan)
“I think CISA is a great set up and would love to be apart of it again.” (Onica)

For some, it was just being in Costa Rica and experiencing the culture that is the most memorable. “My favorite part of the trip must have been just the living there. The getting up and going about the daily schedule each day. Also just hanging around in town, talking to strangers in spanish, and getting to know the culture.” (Stephen)

Thank you to our host families, our teachers, Hector Soto, and April Binnie for making our trip so great. Most of all we thank the Lord for getting us there. Without Him, it would not have been possible! Our students worked extra jobs and fund raised for a whole year before coming on this trip. We are so honored to experience a bit of life with you all.

Suzanne Wood

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