We had the privilege of having the Babcock family be a part of the Tuis community for 6 months!

Jessica and Bob, parents of Ezekiel, Lucas and Nora, diligently studied Spanish at CISA and are returning to Michigan, USA next week. However, they will only be there a short time, as they have a special calling on their lives. They will be missionaries in Mexico at an orphanage. Their time at CISA has prepared them for their next step in their journey. We are blessed to know that CISA has been able to help them follow God’s leading in their lives.

This wonderful family also adopted one of our rescued dogs “Chili”. In 2012 CISA director Hector Soto flew to California for two weeks, when he returned his next door neighbors told him this sweet dog had been outside his house for a whole week. Hector fed her and kept her. Chili quickly became part of the CISA family. Soon after that Chili started “adopting” the foreign  families studying at  CISA. We always said that she wanted to experience the “American dream”. Jessica and Bob very kindly adopted her and took her with them to US  when  they finished their studies with us. Chili’s dream became true.

Thank you Babcock family for being such a special family! Many Blessings!

Jessica Babcock’s Testimony

When the Lord spoke to our family about serving as long term missionaries in Mexico, we knew right away that we would need to learn Spanish. If we really wanted to be a blessing to the people we were going to serve, we needed to speak their language!

We found CISA online and we immediately knew it was God’s choice for us. Christian Immersion Spanish Academy would be the first stop on our lifetime journey of serving Jesus. The next day, my husband told his boss of 25 years that we would be leaving in less than six months, and we immediately started to pack and sell off our belongings.

When we arrived at CISA we were treated so kindly and any worries about safety or any other thing that a mother of three small children would be concerned with, were eased. We felt at home in Tuis, starting with the first day.

Our teachers were some of the best in the world. They knew how to slow down enough to make learning manageable, but they also knew how to push us to reach our fullest potential. The classes are intentionally small, so one on one attention is afforded for each and every student.

We arrived in Costa Rica with about enough Spanish to order a meal off the menu at Taco Bell. But now, six months later we feel confident enough to move our family all the way from Northern Michigan to serve at an orphanage in Mexico. This all seems like a miracle to us, knowing where we came from and the set of circumstances we as a family face. (Two of our children are special needs.) But it only goes to show that anyone can do this with success. If the Babcock’s can do it, anyone can!

CISA is the perfect environment for learning Spanish and immersing yourself into a Latin culture. We are so grateful for the opportunity to come. I won’t say that every moment was easy or that learning Spanish has not been difficult at times, but every moment was worth it and the gift of Spanish is absolutely priceless to us.

If you would like to follow us on our journey to Mexico and see God do miraculous things through a family that simply loves Him and wants to serve His people, please find us on Facebook under


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