At CISA we are thrilled to have families with kids of all ages at our CISA Turrialba location!

The CISA Turrialba location is completely safe for families. It is common for kids to play on the narrow streets, while the parents sit on the porch relaxing and talking with neighbors. People are friendly in Tuis and enjoy being able to get to know the new families of CISA.

Families can join together with other families of the VQC Mission community and minister with them.

The children that study at CISA learn Spanish at a rapid pace. It is the most ideal environment, as children can immediately practice what they have learned in class, with their playmates of Tuis.

It is common knowledge that a child being fluent in a second language and especially Spanish, will help them as they grow older, study in College, seek jobs, work with Hispanics, doing missionary work etc.

We have also seen that families who homeschool their children find CISA a convenient, safe place to learn a second language, while still having time to continue studying for their homeschool course and class work.

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